The ride in world heritage area is truly magical !
Angkor cycling tour siem reap cambodia
           Angkor temple tour
Angkor cycling tour siem reap cambodia
                  Countryside tour
Angkor cycling tour siem reap cambodia
                  Temple tour

Welcome To Angkor Cycling Tour

Riding in the World Heritage area with high quality bicycles.

In Siem reap, it is easy to rent bicycles for your tour but very hard to find the good ones.

Here, we serve you all kinds of bicycle service such as: Sales, Repairs, Rentals, and Siem Reap bicycle tour (temple & countryside).
  • Over 400 bicycles  to choose for your rental (child, adult, tandem & family) price start from 2$/day
  • Email or call us to book with free delivery service which is reliable and experienced!

Established in 2010, is a family-oriented tour operator; our main objective is to provide a warm welcome and the best service, so that the tourists get to feel the most enjoyment and convenience at the same time.

The 6 options of our biking tour could guide you to different part throughout Siem Reap, both touristic and typical non-touristic area (a great escape from city life to see how local peoples live - rural area).

Awesome way to experience world heritage area by bike in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

"All of those new experiences will create an unforgettable memory of you and Cambodia."
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“Great experience off the beaten track”

It was an exhilarating and eye opening experience. See Siem Reap from the other point of view... Riding the bumpy and red dirt tracks, see the padi fields, cows and buffaloes, friendly kids and locals who greeted warmly and enthusiastically. The weather was hot but tolerable. Our guide, Kong, made sure that we were hydrated. He even bought biscuits for me when my energy level was low. We stopped for refreshing and thirst quenching coconut water. Kong was really patient and accommodating. It was my first off road biking experience and 40km was challenging for me. I made it back to the hotel in about 4 hours, safe and sound. Highly recommend Angkor Cycling Tour for anyone who wants to experience something different. Thank you very much for the great experience. See more..

Visited August 2017

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